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Super stylish yet cosy interiors, a great patio, a nice children’s play area, and a whacking great big food menu make The New Inn one of the best places to eat in Wolverhampton. Our pub proves that you can please all of the people all of the time. We do it every day. We’ve got food for those with traditional and adventurous tastes. Deal nights for those who love a good bargain. And fabulous booths with flatscreens; perfect for telly addicts. Now you don’t have to choose between eating out and a night in front of the telly. Come to us and combine the two!

The New Inn is the kind of friendly local pub you come into for a swift pint and end up staying until closing time. Hit the bar and you’ll find drinks from around the world. We’ve got bourbon from the USA. Wines from Italy and Australia. Cocktails from Cuba. And craft beers from some of the best brewers.

Go on a foodie trip around the world. Open the menu and discover a whole universe of flavours. And that’s just for starters!

About Our Food

Our food isn’t just great value. It’s created by our chefs to offer a ton of options for everyone from hungry families to lads and lasses on a night out. That’s why you’ll find choices for literally any occasion on our wide-ranging menu. We are committed to combining top nosh with wallet-friendly prices.

Lots of our food is eligible for daily or weekly deals. Add a drink to your Lunch Club meal and save money. Or come in and see what our daily offers are, certain to put a smile on your face and plenty of delicious food and drink in your belly!

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